The Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Welcome to the website of the Netherlands representations in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka was established in 1972, after having recognized Bangladesh on 11 february 1972.

At its founding in 1971, Bangladesh faced enormous challenges to rebuilt the nation after a destructive war of liberation. After consultations with the Bangladeshi Government, the Netherlands Government took the decision to include Bangladesh in the list of priority countries that qualified for substantial Netherlands development assistance.

Since the inception of the cooperation program, Bangladesh has been one of the top recipients of Netherlands ODA. Through the financial and technical support , the Netherlands aims at assisting Bangladesh in its policy to reduce poverty and to achieve sustainable growth. The Netherlands’ support has been focused on water management, food security and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Issues of governance, private sector development, gender, environment and climate change are included and integrated in all Netherlands supported activities.

Taking into consideration the substantial economic development of Bangladesh since independence, the bilateral relations are being broadened and strengthened in the field of economic cooperation, investment and trade promotion. The Netherlands Embassy actively pursues identifying business opportunities with Bangladesh through its programmes Private Sector Development (PSI), the infrastructure development programme - focussing on energy, watermanagement and environment – ORIO and the Matchmaking Facility. The technical assistance programme PUM and export facilities to the Netherlands through CBI are being promoted. Information on these instruments is available at this site.

On 13 July 1993 The Netherlands and Bangladesh signed the Treaty avoiding double taxation and on 1 November 1994 the Treaty on protection of investments was signed.

Since 1996, Bangladesh has established an Embassy at the Hague which actively promotes bilateral economic relations as well.

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